This elegant restaurant in the Tribeca district uses distressed mirrors

Showcase: Italian Restaurant
Materials used: Vintage and antique distressed mirrors
Application: décor / design

Its location in Tribeca, which is fast becoming one of New York’s culinary epicenters, meant that Ago Restaurant had to do something really unique to stand out against its competition.

Distressed mirrors add character and nostalgic to the otherwise modern design of the Italian restaurant. The vintage mirrors are used to reflect warm light, giving the restaurant charm, even before the first guests of the evening arrive, and after the last meal has left the kitchen.

All details of the décor have been well combined, but the restaurant has selected different mirrors to create the illusion of space and openness. Leaded mirrors, that reflect the style of Piet Mondrian, have been created in grid designs and used to create visual focal points throughout the rooms.

Vintage and Reclaimed Distressed Mirrors as Design Features in Modern Spaces

Ago Restaurant is a good example of antique distressed mirrors can be used to optimize the visual impact of a room that is neutrally decorated. Neutral paint colors, dark wood and warm light is glamorized through the reflection of warm yellow light and the glossiness of mirrored surfaces.

Antique mirrors from Olde Good Glass have been reclaimed from factories, schools and historical buildings marked for demolition or renovation. Our salvage team carefully removes windows and mirrors and makes them available to the public.

Our antique mirrors are typically ¼ inch to 5/16 inch in thickness. We have a wide selection of sizes in different shapes of antique mirrors, or we can distress a new mirror to your specifications. You can also order distressed and antique mirrors pre-cut at a 10% surcharge of the price of the glass.

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Olde Good Glass also offers polishing services, special cuts, beveling and cut outs for antique and distressed mirrors. Please note that beveling is only available on new mirrors.

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