This business separated from the traditional, and created a space that is fun and exciting

Showcase: Contemporary office space / work environment
Materials used: Salvaged stained glass windows from the American Airlines Airport terminal
Application: Room dividers / glass cubicles

This innovative office space has utilized the colorful glass windows salvaged from the American Airlines Terminal at JFK International Airport to liven up their working environment.

Olde Good Glass was privileged to be called upon when American Airlines needed to relocate the massive, 300-foot stained glass window that had taken pride of place a the international terminal for almost 50 years. The stained glass was carefully removed and the pieces were dismantled before we placed the salvaged glass on the market for resale to the public.

All pieces are individually priced and prices are dependant on the size of the glass purchased. Olde Good Glass can pre-cut the windows to specific sizes or provide you with some ideas for integrating it into your design.


Using Salvaged Stained Glass as Room Dividers or Cubicles

In this office, form meets function, as the stained glass literally creates the walls that separate cubicles and working areas. It’s a colourful touch that is guaranteed to provide inspiration, day in and day out.

Dividers provide an effective means through which to separate working spaces in an open plan office environment. What makes this showcase novel is the range of color available. The dividers have been made in American Airlines’ corporate colors and provide a welcome change from neutral black and white coloring.

Salvaged glass is furthermore effective for room dividers because it provides sound insulation and a degree of privacy. The glass ensures that light can still penetrate a space.

The way these dividers have been arranged sees the darker colours placed closer to the ground, while the transparent and lighter colors are used higher up, where privacy is less of a concern.

The salvaged glass reclaimed from the American Airlines terminal has also been used for outdoor applications, and places of high light, where light passing through creates interesting refractions and reflections.

Not only does the stained glass provide practical help, it creates a unique and novel office environment that literally includes a piece of local history. It gives new meaning to the phrase “if these walls could talk.”

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