Showcase: Restaurant
Materials used: Amber corrugated chicken wires glass, pebbled chicken wire glass
Application: décor / design / room dividers

Beertown restaurants make use of vintage chicken wire glass to create unique design features and the sense of charm you can only get from reclaimed pieces. As the largest salvage company in the United States, Olde Good Glass is proud to present the widest selection of textured vintage glass and antique mirrors.

The Vintage Look of Amber Corrugated Chicken Wire Glass

Amber corrugated chicken wire glass has been utilized to add warmth and character to the sconces in the dining area of the restaurant. The yellow tinged light balances out the exposed, raw materials that have been used for walling and dining furniture. Light bulbs behind the amber corrugated chicken wire glass bathe the restaurant in warm light, while the mirrors amplify the light throughout the room, creating an illusion of space even when the restaurants are full to capacity.

Using Pebbled Chicken Wire Glass Creatively

Beertown has used pebbled chicken wire glass for its room dividers. This thick, wire-enforced glass has a textured surface, which obscures the view of the object behind it, so it creates privacy and sound insulation without making the room appear smaller. The textured vintage glass also amplifies light behind it, making it an effective reflector for the amber lights of the restaurant.

In Beertown’s restaurants in Ontario the designer has used pebbled chicken wire glass for the restroom sign as well, drawing attention by the strategic placement of light bulbs behind the glass.

Reclaimed vintage glass has become very popular in restaurants and hospitality establishment because of the effect it has on light and space. It is also very hardy: it’s shock resistant and shatter-proof. It is also favored by restaurants because it is fire retardant.

Textured chicken wire glass that is effective for use in creating room dividers and enclosures include hammered chicken wire glass, ribbed chicken wire glass and wormy chicken wire glass. It is also possible to combine textured vintage glass with clear or stained glass for a two-tone effect.

Textured chicken wire glass works extremely well when used as a design feature in conjunction with vintage and distressed mirrors.

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