Showcase: New York apartment
Materials used: Corrugated chicken wire glass
Application: Room dividers

Emulating the strong structures of the New York City skyline around it, this NY apartment has used vintage corrugated chicken wire glass inside sturdy steel frames to create unique room dividers.

Making the most of limited space in a loft apartment, the designer needed to create privacy in the room, while still allowing maximum light to penetrate the open plan design. Custom steel frames were made to mount the dividers on. The corrugations of the glass obscure the view on the other side of the divider, but the transparency adds to the openness of the room.

The room dividers provide the requisite degree of privacy and sound insulation between the living and dining areas.

The designer has emulated the concept in the bathroom, crafting custom shower enclosures out of pebbled chicken wire glass. The textured glass also obscures the view from inside the shower so it affords privacy. Salvaged glass adds a more authentic final look than new glass but both work effectively.

Why is chicken wire glass so effective for room dividers?

Originally created for resilience and safety, reclaimed chicken wire glass has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in modern and renovated buildings. When used as room dividers, they create an enclosure that provides a level of sound insulation, as well as privacy, while still allowing light to shine through.

If you want to use chicken wire glass for room dividers, the textured varieties offer a little more privacy than clear chicken wire glass. Pebbled, hammered, ribbed and wormed chicken wire glass all obscure the view on the other side of the glass, making it ideal for use in bathrooms and exterior windows.

Chicken wire glass complements the minimalist look and neutral color scheme of this apartment. The wire inside the glass gives it an industrial quality, in keeping with its urban surroundings. The vertical lines in the corrugation add height and spaciousness to the room while amplifying the light that enters it.

Chicken wire glass works well with antique and distressed mirrors. As well as having aesthetic value, building owners like using chicken wire glass because it is resilient and fire retardant.

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