Showcase: Starbucks New York City
Materials used: Chicken wire glass
Application: Room dividers

Starbucks in New York City is a busy place. It has to accommodate table seating, as well as make provision for the people moving around the take-out areas. And, occupying such a large space comes with its own set of needs. After taking these factors into account Starbucks decided that vintage chicken wire glass was just the right material for dividers to be used throughout its store.

Starbucks partnered with Olde Good Glass’s salvage team, which reclaims wire glass from factories, pre-war industrial buildings and schools that have been marked for renovation or demolition.

Traditionally chicken wire glass was created to provide structural reinforcement, but modern buildings have embraced its practicality and the nostalgic edge it gives to architectural design. As such it has become a popular choice for hospitality establishments, homes and hotels.

The advantages of using chicken wire glass for functional items

Chicken wire glass dividers enabled Starbucks to create smaller, more manageable sections by creating a physical structure that still allowed light to penetrate the room.

The effect provides the establishment with smaller areas to manage, and some sound insulation. It also offers a little more privacy than creating an entire floor in an open-plan format.

Support and Aesthetics

With chicken wire glass, form meets function really effectively. The wire inside the glass that gives it the unique look is also structurally strong and provides reinforcement. From a safety point of view, chicken wire glass is shatter-proof and less likely to shatter in the event of a fire.

Interested in creating room dividers or enclosures from chicken wire glass in your home, office or commercial building?

As the largest architectural salvage company in the United States, Olde Good Glass would be proud to assist you in selecting the right kind of chicken wire glass for any application.

Our range of vintage chicken wire glass includes:
Clear chicken wire glass
Pebbled chicken wire glass
Hammered chicken wire glass
Ribbed chicken wire glass
Wormy chicken wire glass
Diamond chicken wire glass
Aqua chicken wire glass

We also stock clear and amber corrugated chicken wire glass, as well as windows and mirrors salvaged from some of the country’s most iconic landmarks and buildings.

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