Our pebbled chicken wire glass has been reclaimed from pre-war industrial buildings and factories marked for renovation or demolition. Click here for pricing and to see our aqua pebbled chicken wire glass showcase.

Our aqua pebbled chicken wire glass has been reclaimed from pre-war industrial buildings and factories marked for demolition or renovation. All of our vintage glass is hand selected, as we seek out the highest quality pieces, refurbishing them carefully to provide unique glass of superior quality.

Any home can be made more elegant and sophisticated with the use of aqua pebbled chicken wire glass. This is the type of glass to have anywhere in your house, because it is trendy and has a rich complex history.


$40/square foot

Please inquire should you have custom size requirements. We can cut aqua pebbled chicken wire glass to your size specifications for an additional 10% of the cost of the glass.

This glass is available both new and reclaimed.

Whatever type of glass enclosure you are designing, you can add a stylish and luxurious touch by using aqua pebbled chicken wire glass. In particular, aqua glass is ideal for shower doors, office partitions, and table tops because the color offers you some privacy.

There are dozens of different textured aqua blue or blue glass to choose from, all with different looks and textures.

Aqua glass also offers varying levels of opacity, allowing you to create the perfect amount of privacy for your comfort and needs.

As the largest architectural salvage company in the US, Olde Good Glass is proud to offer the widest range of unique Aqua pebbled chicken wire glass for your vintage building needs. Please contact us directly with any queries about stock availability.

Things You Should Know About Vintage Chicken Wire Glass

The wire twists in chicken wire glass run top to bottom; the direction of the height. When requesting a quote please provide your dimensions as width x height.

With all our glass products, we can do cut-outs, drill holes and cut to your template patterns. Templates must be provided in a rigged material.

All our glass is reclaimed vintage material, and most has been used, so expect signs of age from exposure to weather and use.

Visit Olde Good Things Store to see our Aqua or blue textured glass you can use for your residential or commercial glass enclosure.

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