Our clear chicken wire glass has been reclaimed from pre-war industrial buildings, schools and factories slated for demolition or renovation. Click here for pricing and to see our clear chicken wire glass showcase.

Our clear chicken wire glass has been reclaimed from pre-war industrial buildings and factories that have been marked for demolition or renovation. We hand select our clear chicken wire glass to bring you the finest quality pieces, and refurbish it carefully to provide unique glass of superior quality.

Clear chicken wire glass adds an industrial edge to any building interior or exterior, allowing maximum light to pass through, and providing clear views of whatever is on the other side of it. We love clear chicken wire glass because the focus is on the wire, and the glass provides a neutral backdrop to showcase it. It works well with other types of vintage glass, as well as with textured chicken wire glass.

Our clients have utilized it to complement contemporary and vintage design, to create enclosed spaces and to divide spaces up. Clear chicken wire glass can be used in residential and commercial buildings.

As the largest architectural salvage company in the United States, Olde Good Glass is proud to offer the widest range of unique clear chicken wire glass for your vintage building needs. Please contact us directly with any queries about stock availability; we’ll be happy to assist you.


Now available, rare large sheet sizes up to 53 inches wide by 81 inches high. Now on sale $30/square foot.
$40 per square foot
Please inquire should you have custom size requirements. We can cut clear chicken wire glass to your size specifications for an additional 10% of the cost of the glass.

Vintage Glass Showcase

Cata Restaurant Lower East Side Manhattan

Cata Restaurant’s old world charm is enhanced through the use of clear chicken wire glass and stage lighting that has been salvaged from the Philadelphia Convention Centre. Inspired by the architecture of a Spanish brasserie, Cata features grand, arched windows and ceilings and classic Bowery brick.

Starbucks New York City

Starbucks in New York City has utilized vintage elevator doors and repurposed them as space dividers in this busy café. The transparency of the glass ensures the room dividers do not make the space appear smaller, while providing a practical solution to a busy area.

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