Our clear chicken wire glass has been reclaimed from pre-war industrial buildings, schools and factories slated for demolition or renovation. Click here for pricing and to see our hammered chicken wire glass showcase.

Our hammered chicken wire glass has been salvaged from industrial buildings, old factory windows and doors that were marked for demolition or renovation, and schools that were built long ago. Despite originating from different places, our vintage glass all reflects an appreciation for fine craftsmanship.

Our hammered chicken wire glass is hand selected as we seek out the highest quality pieces, refurbishing them carefully to provide unique glass of superior quality.


$40/square foot
CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. We have some hammered with a slight purple tint. Please inquire if that could work for you.

Please inquire should you have custom size requirements. We can cut hammered chicken wire glass to your size specifications for an additional 10% of the cost of the glass.

As the largest architectural salvage company in the US, Olde Good Glass is proud to offer the widest range of unique hammered chicken wire glass for your vintage building needs. Please contact us directly with any queries about stock availability.


Nowadays hammered chicken wire glass is used in contemporary design to create an industrial edge or to craft environments of beauty and individuality.

Hammered chicken wire glass can be useful in residential, commercial and industrial applications, both in building interiors and exteriors. This vintage glass provides individuality and charm to modern and traditional architecture. When used in place of walls for interior design, the glass allows light to travel from one area of the room to another while still providing a degree of structure to open plan environments.

Hammered chicken wire glass can be used to create privacy as it partially obscures the view on the other side. When you don’t want people to see the other side of the glass, just like The Acqua Al 2 Restaurant in Washington, DC, but want to allow some preview of life inside, hammered chicken wire glass is highly effective. They have used the glass to cover their storage area to allow a sneak peek of what’s inside.

The same type of hammered chicken wire glass can be used to add some old world feel into a building, such as Cata restaurant where the glass has been used in conjunction with yellow lighting.

Vintage hammered chicken wire glass can be utilized for partitions and enclosures, as well as mirror-backed for wall cladding, elevator interiors, and lobbies.
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