Our pebbled chicken wire glass has been reclaimed from pre-war industrial buildings and factories marked for renovation or demolition. Click here for pricing and to see our ribbed chicken wire glass showcase.

Our ribbed chicken wire glass has been reclaimed from pre-war industrial buildings and factories that have been marked for demolition or renovation. We hand select our clear chicken wire glass to bring you the finest quality pieces, and refurbish it carefully to provide unique glass of superior quality.

Our ribbed chicken wire glass adds a unique finish to any building, while offering a host of practical advantages over traditional glass.


$50 per square foot

Please inquire should you have custom size requirements. We can cut ribbed chicken wire glass to your size specifications for an additional 10% of the cost of the glass.

As the largest architectural salvage company in the US, Olde Good Glass is proud to offer the widest range of unique ribbed chicken wire glass for your vintage building needs. Please contact us directly with any queries about stock availability.

Ribbed Chicken Wire Glass Showcase

Ribbed chicken wire glass is a hot design material in a number of innovative and unique ways currently, and it is as popular for its aesthetics as for its practical uses.
The glass is popular in bathrooms, for shower doors and windows, because it obscures and offers some privacy while adding character, and allowing light to penetrate, to the room.

Ribbed chicken wire glass also has practical benefits in the home, and is popular for display windows and shelves because it intercepts the sunrays that cause discoloration to fabrics and books, thereby protecting anything near the windows.

It is also appropriate for use in offices as it offers good sound insulation. It reduces the transmission of sound from one room to another or from the exterior to the interior of a room.

Just like any other chicken wire glass, ribbed chicken glass is fire resistant. It stops the fire from spreading because even if the glass is broken during fire, the fragments stay connected by the wire.

Ribbed chicken wire glass’ practical advantages make it suitable for use in public places like prisons, museums, government buildings, banks, airports and retail stores. Its good looks make it versatile enough for any environment.

Looking for design inspiration for your home or different ways to incorporate ribbed chicken wire glass? We’d love to hear from you. Please complete our inquiry form on our contact page or call us on 570-341-7668.