Robust and distinctive, this unique reclaimed industrial glass gives a modern attribute to any design project.

Resilient and beautiful, corrugated chicken wire glass was patented by Walter Cox and Arno Shuman from the Philadelphia Wire Glass Company in 1926, and it continues to grow in popularity today. It has been used successfully outdoors in partitions and canopies and various other applications. Our corrugated chicken wire glass is available in clear and amber color.

Olde Good Glass’ corrugated chicken wire glass sheets are 7/16 in thickness and are available in a standard width of 27 ¾ inches. We can also cut our salvaged corrugated chicken wire glass to your size specifications. Please inquire directly regarding stock availability; we’ll be happy to assist you.

As the largest architectural salvage company in the United States, Olde Good Glass is proud to offer the widest range of unique corrugated chicken wire glass for your vintage building needs.

Priced from $50 per square foot.

Why Salvaged Corrugated Chicken Wire Glass?

Corrugated chicken wire glass has become as popular for its resilience as it has for the charm and character it provides the interiors and exteriors of buildings. The layer of chicken wire sandwiched between thick glass is fire and shatter resistant. The wire frame holds the glass together, making it less likely to shatter or spread fire. Its resilience has made it especially popular for outdoor areas such as canopies and patio awnings, as provides respite from the elements.

Clear corrugated chicken wire glass allows natural light to penetrate a space, while the amber-colored variety adds a touch of warmth. Because it allows maximum light to penetrate a space it is also commonly adopted as the glass of choice for room dividers in residential and commercial spaces.

Olde Good Glass clients have incorporated corrugated chicken wire glass into corporate spaces, to create privacy in boardrooms and conference rooms.

Do you have questions about corrugated chicken wire glass? We’d love to answer them. Please submit our inquiry form on our contact page or call us on 570-341-7668.

Clear Corrugated Chicken Wire Glass

At 3/8 inch in thickness, our clear corrugated chicken wire glass has been reclaimed from industrial buildings and factories, and is thick enough to be drilled. More on clear corrugated chicken wire glass here. Learn More

Amber Corrugated Chicken Wire Glass

Reclaimed from factories and industrial buildings, our amber corrugated chicken wire glass is available in sheets up to 27 ¾ inches wide and 84 inches high. More on vintage amber corrugated chicken wire glass here. Learn More