Unique glass salvaged from places of interest with a story to tell

Unique glass, salvaged from places of interest.
Using the past to look through to the future.

Olde Good Things’ salvage team has had the privilege of reclaiming windows from legendary and iconic buildings, to create masterpieces that feature in future-facing spaces. Some of our favorites are a stained glass mural reclaimed from the American Airlines Terminal at JFK Airport, and reclaimed window glass from the Flatiron Building in New York City.

Below are examples of the exclusive glass and windows we have in stock.

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Flatiron Building Copper Windows

The original copper windows from this legendary building were removed carefully during its recent renovation. The copper windows are available exclusively through Olde Good Things. Regarded as New York’s oldest skyscraper, the Flatiron building’s copper windows all have rich copper colored cladding. The windows are available in various sizes and are priced accordingly. Each window is custom prepared and can be cleaned, stripped and hand silvered on request, or it can be bought in its natural state. Learn More

American Airlines Terminal Robert Sowers Glass

After they were unable to find a suitable relocation venue for their massive window, American Airlines got in touch with us, to have it dismantled and made available for sale. We thought this was a much better idea than destroying it. The glass window is 300 feet in size, and was designed and assembled by Robert Sowers in 1960 at JFK International Airport. It took pride of place at the American Airlines Terminal for nearly fifty years before its removal. Even though many panels have been sold, a large number still remain, each representing a fragment of the window’s history. Learn More

McAlpin Hotel Windows

At the time of building it was the biggest hotel in the world, boasting an impressive 1620 rooms across 25 stories, and costing in the region of $13,500 000. One of its most impressive features was the double-hung copper clad windows. Before the hotel was demolished, the windows were carefully removed and made available for sale to the public. Learn More

International Toy Center

During its renovation the International Toy Centre’s copper clad windows were removed. Available in unique arches, as well as various sizes, these windows are prepared to your specifications. Learn More

New York Times Building

Reclaimed from the New York Times Building, these unique windows are prepared to order. Its grid windows create a mirror-like surface, and are ideal for use in offices, homes and salons. Learn More

Cooper Union

Constructed in 1912, the Hewitt Building once held the Cooper Union’s Art School’s architectural archives, art studios and public programs. Now Olde Good Glass houses its reclaimed copper clad windows. These unique windows all feature wavy glass or chicken wire glass. Learn More