Reclaimed from the New York Times Building, these unique windows are prepared to order. Its grid windows create a mirror-like surface, and are ideal for use in offices, homes and salons.

Located at 229 West 43rd Street in Times Square in Manhattan, The New York Times Building is an 18-story office building and 267 feet long.

It was the headquarters of The New York Times newspaper from 1913 through to 2007, until the point at which The New York Times relocated to its new Renzo Piano-designed headquarters on Eighth Avenue.

The building was built in three stages between 1912 and 1937. It was originally designed by Mortimer J. Fox and in 1922, the Ludlow and Peabody firm designed a 100-foot-long extension on the west side, as well as a five story setback attic level in the style of the French Renaissance.

From 1930 to 1932, architect Albert Kahn designed a further expansion to the west including a second lobby and roof-top studio.

The New York Times Company sold the building in 2004 to Tishman Speyer Properties for $175 million. Tishman sold it to Africa Israel Investments in 2007 for $525 million. In September 2008, Africa Israel did a $175 million renovation, which included adding a new sign on the top and replacing a digital clock, that had been in place since 1962, with a more traditional timepiece. The windows and the old wood paneled boardroom have been replaced as well.

Africa Israel officially calls the building The Times Square Building and has reconstructed it to function as office and retail space.

During the renovations Olde Good Things’ Salvage team managed to get some of the old glass and windows that once looked out over New York city.

Salvaged Glass That Tells a Story

Each window is prepared to order. It can be is stripped, cleaned, and the glass can be hand-silvered to create a unique mirror, or the windows can be bought in their original state.

The windows have grids that can make an excellent mirror.

Olde Good Things has developed a technique to hand silver the old glass resulting in an authentic distressed mirrored glass which is so sought after.

The mirror is 3/16 in. to 1/4 in. thick. They are priced at $45 per square foot. Other types of vintage glass are available as well, such as chicken wire safety glass.

Visit Olde Good Glass to see their wide range of vintage glass. Samples are also available for serious inquires. Please inquire regarding sizes and lead time prior to ordering.

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