During its renovation the International Toy Centre’s copper clad windows were removed. Available in unique arches, as well as various sizes, these windows are prepared to your specifications.

The International Toy Center is a complex of buildings in the New York City borough of Manhattan, which was a hub for toy manufacturers and distributors. The building became a center for the toy industry during World War I.

It consisted of two buildings located between 23rd Street and 25th Street on Madison Square, where Fifth Avenue and Broadway cross. In 1968 a pedestrian bridge was constructed by architect Robert Maynicke over 24th Street, connecting the two buildings at the ninth floor.

Most of the industry’s major companies moved in by World War II, and building manager Helmsley-Spear restricted new leases exclusively to toy companies, starting in the 1960s.

In 2007, the Witkoff Group was set to convert the building that was once part of the International Toy Center into 125 luxury condominiums. As a result The International Toy Center went through the replacement all of the copper clad windows that were part of the original construction.
Many windows were removed from this location, which once housed the International Toy Center and its history, and is now home to the largest Italian Marketplace in the world.

Salvaged Copper Clad Windows

One of the major design features of the building was the arched top windows at the crown, which Olde Good Things has carefully salvaged. Today some of these windows these can be found at Cata Restaurant in East Village, and 245 Bowery New York City. Many people have purchased these salvaged windows and mirrors to install them in their homes.

The salvaged copper clad windows make a great addition to a salon, hotel, office or home.

Each salvaged copper clad window is customized to your requirements. The windows may be prepared and cleaned, and the glass hand-silvered to create a unique mirror. The windows can be bought in their original condition.

Some of these windows were created as sets that make a pointed arch when put together. All of the copper cladding is in good condition with a nice patina. There are standard rectangular windows as well as various sizes to suit a number of design applications.

Many sizes of these salvaged copper clad windows are available, including a vertical version, perfect for a dressing mirror. Just inquire today and own a piece of New York History!

We have a limited supply of these mirrors available, which can be purchased online or at any of our New York stores. Prices vary based on size and condition.