The result is awesome. Below are just a few examples of how our customers have used this glass in their projects.

Olde Good Glass Company has refurbished thousands of square feet of authentic antiqued mirrors, which have been used in retail outlets, hospitality venues and homes. Our restored vintage mirrors outshine those that are available on the commercial market, and are created by a hand silvering process that is applied to reclaimed glass.

Distressed antiqued mirrors create interesting light reflections and can amplify the space of a room.

Our antiqued mirrors are custom cut to our customers’ size requirements. Thickness is typically 1/4 in. We also offer a custom restoration for all vintage mirrors, as the distressing is available in light, medium and heavy gradients.

Our vintage antiqued mirrors can be custom-made in large sizes, up to 3 ft. by 5 ft. We also offer distressing on new glass pieces, as large as 4 ft. by 8 ft. On new glass, the distressing levels are typically lighter, as the new glass does not have the same of wear and imperfection of old glass.


$45 per square foot, plus an additional 10% for cutting to size.
Specialized cuts, cut-outs, beveling and polishing is available on request. Prices are available on asking. Please note that beveling is only available for new glass mirrors.

Antiqued Mirror Showcase

Our clients have used antiqued mirror to spectacular effect. Take a look at these examples

Cata Restaurant
Antiqued mirrors add to the grainy old world charm of this Lower East Side Manhattan tapas restaurant.

Boulton & Watt Restaurant
Boulton & Watt has used heavily distressed glass to add to its industrial look, and to create a show-stopping backdrop for their legendary bar.

Parc Brasserie
The combination of antiqued glass and distressed mirrors adds charm and light to the brasserie. The addition of silver and vintage glass and mirrors adds to the nostalgia of the restaurant and transports the patron back in time to France.

Gilt Bar
The use of distressed antiqued mirrors enables the Gilt Bar to bathe its environment in the golden light created by its chandeliers and single lights.

Ago restaurant
Ago restaurant has utilised distressed vintage mirrors to amplify light into the room. Not only do they increase the light and perceived space in the room, they also create a unique focal piece.

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